All of our services can be performed on a one-off basis or as pre-scheduled maintenance. We can perform work in most boatyards while your boat is hauled out, at your slip or in our very own covered boathouse on the water in La Conner.

Below is a list of our basic services:

  • Oxidation Removal and Polishing
  • Waterspot Removal on Glass
  • Carpet Cleaning (Interior and Exterior)
  • Engine Room Clean, Detail and Painting
  • Non-skid deck polishing
  • Rust Stain Removal
  • Washing (One time and Scheduled)
  • Waxing to protect and maintain paint and gelcoat
  • Canvas Cleaning and Waterproofing
  • Isinglass Cleaning and Polishing
  • Hardware Polishing

Custom, Comfortable, Durable Decks For Your Boat

Our Detailing Philosophy: Education and Inspiration
buffing out an oxidized boat hull

Let us make your boat beautiful again.

At Marine Detail Specialists we believe that every boat represents a dream, without a dream no one would ever buy a boat. As a Boat owner you would laugh if someone asked you if you thought your boat was a good investment, but we buy them anyway. There is something about untying the lines and having freedom to explore and relax and be slightly terrified at times that is so alluring.

We have noticed that many boat owners can be mostly clueless may not know about how to properly care for and maintain their boat. When their boat is new it is shiny, clean and nice, but quickly becomes dirty, dull and discouraging without proper care. As the boat’s lustre fades so does the dream. Every time you come down the dock to a dirty boat that is quickly fading you get discouraged and begin to understand why people say the best two days of boat ownership are they day you buy and the day you sell.

At Marine Detail Specialists we know that boat owners want the best for their boat, but often don’t know what to do or what the best may even look like. We have the opportunity every day to educate and inspire boat owners. If you walk up to one of our crews working on the docks at Cap Sante or Elliot Bay and ask them what product they are using to get such a great shine they will gladly tell you and even recommend the right buffer and pad and what wax to use too. We are here to help boat owners Restore their hope and maintain the dream that their boat represents and we do that by Making Boats Beautiful!

Our Approach to Detailing and Maintenance:

We have developed a system to take care of boats that includes the best products, techniques and the right timing to help our customers bring the finish back to their boat and maintain it.